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My Photography

I have been actively involved in photography for a while now.  I started taking pictures as a child with a disposable camera, but got seriously interested in photography in High School by being on the yearbook staff.  I really enjoyed setting up and shooting shots, and this eventually led to the pictures I take now.  My cameras have been getting better, as have my pictures, so I figured I would share my work and offer affordable services.


If you feel led to leave me any feedback please do, I really like hearing what others think of my photography.  All comments are welcome, both positive and negative.  Even if you don't feel a strong pull one way or the other, it is just nice to know when someone visits.  You can leave comments on specific photos in my portfolio, or by contacting me directly.  Please  send all feedback in the form of an email, my address is  Email is about the best way to get a hold of me, I check it a few times a day.


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Anyway, thanks for stopping by, and have a good time browsing the page!